Luna Maga Ibiza is a fashion company devoted to designing, producing and selling women clothes and accessories. Since 2007 we have been working to bring a personal style in our designs by joining traditions, cultures, fabrics and colors with the aim to dress a bohemian, natural and feminine type of woman.

We are a young and enthusiastic team (all around 35!) and the 90% of us are women.

Our corporate values are as follow:

  • Quality: Everything we do, we do it high quality.
  • Team: We believe in people and we support their development.
  • Creativity: We strengthen the dreams and the talent of people.
  • Solidarity: We want to help with our actions to the people in need.
  • Honesty: We are reliable individuals.

Design concept

Thanks to the trips we have made around the world, to our creative capacity and the entrepreneur spirit of the founder, the company introduces its collections together with a unique and different mark in the national fashion industry.

With a colorful palette, highly influenced by bright tones like the aquamarine colors of Ibiza and the fusion of cultures in the designs, all products are distinguished by high quality. Such quality is achieved thanks to the personal management of all procedures, from selecting fabrics and accessories in the markets of Middle East and India till the use of Spanish leather, designs and cutting patterns and the handmade production of embroideries, garments and the final distribution.

In Luna Maga Ibiza we create designs with a casual, bohemian and romantic style and meaningful ethnical influences for women who are looking for exclusivity in the clothes they wear thanks to different garments that evoke a great, feminine and free spirit.

All garments and trimmings are handmade, that’s why they could present minor imperfections. In the same way, the fabrics and accessories have been carefully selected and bought to use only in a determined number of models. This way of working provides the brand with the desired singularity and only a few units have been obtained from the production.


Luna Maga Ibiza is at any type of media disposal, either printed or digital publications, in the following email address:

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