Luna Maga Ibiza, a space full of the dreams

It all began one night of moon and stars, as many other stories. Flying more than 12 kilometers above the Indian Ocean , chasing the full from sea to sea, the memory came suddenly to my mind: the first word uttered, one August night in my mother's arms, was "Luna" ("Moon") .And so our project would be named: Luna Maga.

Ibiza came afterwards, although it had always been there. As the asteroid from The Little Prince, Ibiza is a small hideout full of surprises and fascinanting people where peace gets along with madness, as the rose and the lamb coexisted in my favourite book.

Throughout all my trips, i kept searching in bazars those things that cannot be found in shopping malls:  identity, culture and passion.How to evoke the colors of a sunset in Bangladesh? The aroma of tea at night in the Arabian desert? The caress of the sun filtered through the leaves of Bali palmtrees?

Luna Maga Ibiza is a mix of contemporary design with antique echoes; vivid fabrics that capture  the millenary charm of Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Natural fibbers, heavyweight cotton, natural silk. Woven by expert hands that know because they know, without knowing how. 

The magic of Ibiza's moon and the perfect balance between the craftsman's love and the search of personal expression, far from the alienating speech of commercial fashion. Sustainable , ecologic , natural and firendly.

Our magic moon moves over the brands' imperative, to become your personal expression, without giving up style and high quality. Modern, bohemian , dresses, crochet, accessories , transparencies ... Ibiza essentials for a new world. Blouses, embroidery , hippie fashion with a XXI century's twist.

Luna Maga Ibiza is a personal journey around the world. As Marco Polos from the silicon era , we bring colours, patterns and textures from other parts of the world to your shores. So far , so close. As trying to tell a dream when you wake up, we try to weave threads which can not be expressed.

Because: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With the aim of helping families who collaborate in the production of Luna Maga Ibiza's creations, and at the same time, meeting our values ​​as a people through our brand philosophy, the CSR department is working on several projects in India. We focus on good management of our suppliers, social action and environmental projects.

Our marketing department is working on creating a comprehensive and fully detailed report on this and developing this section so that anybody who purchases a piece of Luna Maga Ibiza knows what and how a percentage of the price is dedicated to.